Hire us for your workshop or teambuilding!

Invirtus does not only provide regular classes for our members, you can also hire us to teach at a HEMA event or to organize a fun and interesting teambuilding activity!


What better way to connect with your colleagues than experiencing the thrill of a sword in your hands... and actually knowing what to do with it!

We have ample experience teaching people completely new to the sport and can provide an interesting activity anywhere between 1.5h and 4h in length.

We can support groups of up to 20 people at a time, but can of course also accomodate larger groups by splitting them up with different instructors.

For entry-level events like this, we use hard plastic/nylon swords that are safe to use, yet still provide the feeling of having a powerful longsword in your hands. We can also provide an impressive demonstration of full-gear sparring with steel swords.

Our prices depend on event location, timing and the amount of instructors that need to be present.

A ballpark figure is € 50 per instructor per hour (all inclusive), but please contact us for a personal quote.


Our instructors are also available to teach more in-depth workshops on a multitude of HEMA-related topics.

We have previous experience teaching at international events, such as the Bunny Bash and Winterkamp.

Previous workshop topics for example include: dagger and knife fighting, wrestling and modern unarmed techniques, armoured combat with half-sword, comparing various interpretations of the Schielhau, using tactics in a fight, kickboxing, etc.

For workshops at bigger events, we typically only ask the reimbursement of travel costs and/or free access to the event. For more focused workshops (e.g., a half or full-day taught by us exclusively), please contact us for a personal quote.